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Maybe you are looking for new ways to support your employees, or your company is working towards The Workforce Wellbeing Charter, we can help.

Nurturing a happier healthier workforce makes good buisiness sense

Supporting your employees to look after their physical and psychological health is essential to create a motivated, productive and effective workforce. We also understand the demands, responsibility and strain placed on leaders within business and the need for them to look after themselves in order to support others.


Lifestyle behaviours and factors, such as obesity, are highly linked to developing longer-term conditions. This creates physical, psychological and practical challenges for employees and employers alike: most time off sick can be attributed to these factors. Having space to talk through and mediate the needs of the employee and employer can help. Having systems in place to help prevent, detect and manage medical and psychological needs is paramount. Let us help you to be an employer that creates a culture and practices which promote individual’s health.

Health & Psychology Assessments

We offer corporate rates on our range of health assessments and psychology services. These can be offered within our clinic or within your workplace. Assessments are adapted to the nature and needs of your business and those of individual employees. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Professional Development

We offer a range of training, reflective sessions, debriefing and clinical supervision for professionals and teams. See our Training page for further details. We also have strong links with business coaching services, should this be required. If we are not the right service to help you we will say and we may well know someone who can help.

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