Our most extensive health assessment, this will focus on the following areas of your general health and fitness:

Lifestyle assessment:

o   Physical activity

o   Nutrition evaluation

o   Smoking, alcohol, sleep behaviour

o   Diabetes risk analysis

o   Analysis of Cardiovascular risk factors

o   Medication review/discussion (if appropriate)

o   Discussion of your health/lifestyle/fitness goals

Body composition:

o   Weight

o   Abdominal waist circumference

Blood Test

o   Capillary blood glucose test – finger prick test (no fasting required)

o   Cholesterol test – – finger prick test (no fasting required)


o   Heart rhythm assessment using ECG (electrocardiogram)

o   Resting Blood pressure

o   Assessment of peripheral oxygen saturation

Exercise assessment:

o   Monitored Sub-maximal (moderate intensity) exercise assessment – incorporating exercise ECG (to assess heart rhythm) and blood pressure monitoring throughout.


Goal setting – Based on the findings from your health assessment – in partnership with you we will help you set simple, realistic and achievable health and well-being goals to get you where you want to be.

You will receive your results on the day and a report will be sent to you following the assessment.

Price: £99 (90 minute appointment)

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