We support you to take care of your emotional health

The body and mind are linked. When our physical health is compromised the everyday stresses of life are harder to deal with. We may all have anxieties, around performance at work, in social situations or new environments. Difficult thoughts, feelings, experiences and situations can all impact on both our mental and physical health. Seeing a psychologist can help you to understand and work through this link.

We recognise the deeper impact which managing and living with health conditions can sometimes bring, both to the individual and their loved ones. Our Clinical Psychologist Kate Martin can work with you to help adjust to and manage your emotional and physical health and psychological wellbeing.

Perhaps you are struggling with adjustment following a new diagnosis, anxieties around medical procedures, how your health may impact on your family or the future.  You may be struggling with experiences that happened sometime ago which you now wish to explore and manage. We all adjust to conditions or limitations at our own pace and in our own way. Seeing a psychologist does not mean that you are not coping, it is a way to discover more about yourself, to take control of the areas of life and our physical health that are of concern.

This service is not just for people who have a diagnosed physical health condition. We also work with people struggling with their appearance or beliefs and fears about their general health or that of those around them. We also work with people’s families and partners.

We offer sessions in your own home if appropriate and can provide a combined physical and psychological approach, through a joint appointment together with Kate and Steve, our Psychologist and Physiologist.

Initial Psychology Consultation

Seeing a therapist for the first time can seem daunting. We offer a range of effective therapies delivered with empathy. Finding the right therapist and type of therapy is important. The consultation is an opportunity to meet our psychologist Kate and to see if therapy is right for you. Together you explore areas of concern, understanding how these may be caused. You then agree together the next steps. Sometimes this process takes more than one session. Price: £70 (per 60minute session)

Psychological Therapy

Therapy supports you to improve aspects of your emotional well-being and physical health. A range of therapies are used depending on your needs and any past experiences of therapy you may have had. Therapy takes time, there is no quick fix, but Kate is always clear as to the number and nature of the sessions you will have together and this is reviewed at regular intervals.
Price: £70 (per 60minute session with a reduction for a block of therapy)

Services for Professionals

Dr. Kate Martin offers clinical supervision, reflective practice and debriefing sessions for individuals and teams working in the helping professions.

An initial consultation can be arranged to discuss your professional and personal development needs and to see if Kate is the right supervisor for you.

Please contact us to have a chat about your requirements.

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