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We can help you to help others

As clinicians we understand you want the best for your clients, we also understand some of the challenges you may face. We offer the opportunity for a range of training and skills development.


Maybe you are a charity or community group. Perhaps you would like some help in understanding the ways that certain health conditions can impact both physically or psychologically.



We can help you help others

We can provide a range of sessions such as:

  • Weight management and lifestyle changes
  • Living with and managing: Diabetes, heart disease, depression
  • Stress management and resilience
  • Understanding and working with Somatisation
  • Ageing well
  • Developing client motivation
  • Psychological aspects of pain management
  • Physical activity and your health
  • Managing challenging clinician-client relationships
  • The mind and skin link

Professional Development

We are experienced educators facilitating learning in both academic and clinical settings. We are passionate about helping you empower others. We deliver applied interactive learning experiences to help you build valuable knowledge and skills to develop your clinical practice.
Each session is tailored made to help you meet your learning objectives. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can work together. 

Community/Support Groups & Consultancy

We can deliver tailored education/information sessions to your local group.

We also offer consultancy on a range of areas in physical and psychological health.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Services for Professionals

Dr. Kate Martin offers clinical supervision, reflective practice and debriefing sessions for individuals and teams working in the helping professions. An initial consultation can be arranged to discuss your professional and personal development needs and to see if Kate is the right supervisor for you.

Please contact us to have a chat about your requirements.

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